Antler Bike Rack

The Antler bike rack has been commissioned and especially manufactured for the owners club in conjunction with Caravan Supplies of South Yorkshire. The rack, which can accommodate 2 bikes, is made from lightweight yet strong tubular steel, hand dipped and zinc plated for maximum anti-rust protection.

It consists of 1 complete welded unit, with foam padding. It will fit Bongos and Fredas with or without a rear spoiler, as long as the rear door has external handles.


The bikes hang from the antlers at the top of the frame, ensuring that the number plate is not obscured.
Fitting could not be easier. Just remove the rear mirror, insert the metal plate, and then bolt the bike rack in to place. The bottom of the rack clamps on to the outer door handles, and you are ready to load up!

The Antler Bikerack can be left in place, or removed within minutes. Either way, it makes a stylish accessory!

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