Front brakes done

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Front brakes done

Post by sotal » Fri Sep 04, 2020 8:44 pm

If got tomorrow set to one side to get the brakes sorted on the bongo, but thought I'd get a start tonight as the weather was nice and then I'd be all setup and ready tomorrow.

It all went fantastically and they were both done in an hour or so, I don't think I've ever done discs and pads so quickly before.

Turned the wheels to give more access, just did one side at a time. Jacked it up, and popped an axle stand under. Whizzed the wheel off. Undid the two 17mm bolts with a Makita impact driver, then the two 19mm bolts. A couple of taps with the hammer and the discs came off. Cleaned everything up, and put it all back together.

Slightly surprising that one of the pads passed the MOT last week with very little pad left! I'm guessing they couldn't see that part!

Fingers crossed it has sorted the wobble on heavy braking.