Which to buy

What's the MPG like? Can I use chip fat and veggie oil? What about LPG?

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Which to buy

Post by Moonlight » Thu Aug 02, 2018 1:43 pm

Hi folks. Newbie here :roll:
I'm looking to buy my first Bongo but struggling to decide between engine types. Hoping the well-versed can offer some insight!

It'll be for day-to-day use around town, as well as motorway driving, camping, and occasional long distance to hilly, snowy Scotland. Fuel costs, reliability, and ability to handle winter weather/hills are more important to me than power for the sake of it.

I've previously owned (very similar) Toyota Lucida 2.4TD (rear wheel drive, auto) and it was tretcherous in even light snow. Basically undriveable. Fuel economy was acceptable.

How do you think the 2.5TD Bongo 4wd would fair versus 2.0 petrol 4wd, given my needs?

I seem to be finding dealers are stocking petrol more than diesel. Two have explained that public preference is currently for petrol, due to legislation uncertainty and reliability ("diesel overheat more often, damaging head")

Any thought would be appreciated!
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Re: Which to buy

Post by Bob » Thu Aug 02, 2018 1:48 pm

Hi, welome aboard. 8)

None of the petrol Bongos are 4 wd, and some of the diesels are 2 wd only, in spite of what some dealers seem to think. :?

Even if one has the 4 wd stickers on it do check before buying as some have added the stickers as 'bling'.

You will be aware of the war on diesel fuel so you pays your money...

Do have a read of the 'Buying a Bongo' info on the web site. 8)