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Using The Search Facility

Post by Ian » Tue Sep 12, 2006 12:06 pm

To be absolutely frank, the search facility is not exactly brilliant, and sometimes it is difficult to find the stuff you are looking for. So here's some handy tips.

Let's assume you have a problem with the electrics on your sliding door.

1) If you are a paid-up member of the Bongo Fury club (and not just a member of this forum), check to see if there is a fact sheet available at ... factsheets
2) See if the subject has been covered before in the FAQ section of this forum.
3) If this fails, then use the forum search facility. But a word of warning. Unlike Google or some other search engines, you can not use inverted commas (speech or quotation marks) to define your search criteria. A search for Sliding Door Electrics yields 620 results, as does a search for "Sliding Door Electrics". Inverted commas make no difference.
4) Instead, narrow your search field down by selecting the correct forum. It would be a reasonable assumption that the answers lie in the "Techie Stuff" forum, so narrowing your search to Sliding Door Electrics in the Techie Stuff section yields 300 results.
5) This is still too broad. You will be given a list of 300 topics in "Techie Stuff" where the words Sliding, Door & Electrics are all used.
6) To narrow your search down further, you should use the AND criteria. The word AND must always be put in capital letters. The search term Sliding Door AND electrics will yield 9 results.
7) 9 results isn't too many to trawl through, but even then it will list any topic where the word "Electrics" appear, together with the words "Sliding" or "Door". So included in the search results will be topics about passenger door electrics.
8) To narrow it down even more, a search for Sliding AND Electrics will yield just 1 result, and this is the thread you need.
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